Monday, June 14, 2010

stoke is contagious.

Greg sent me this via I am humbled by the appreciation I have been receiving as of late. I get so stoked to stoke people out. I am grateful to provide a resource for people to learn about pig boards. here is what he had to say: Hey Mike, Like many others- still checking in to see what your blog is up to daily. Really identified with the recent tales of your bing restoration. I’d sent you that message back in the fall about the old pop-out pig I was beginning to restore. Since starting my project, what you wrote about the bing is exactly how I’ve felt. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This thing was a NIGHTMARE. Fix one thing, only to find 10 more wrong…rails, bottom, deck, tail, etc etc etc. Thought you’d dig an almost there photo. She’s 9’3.5” go figure. Re done with opaque black resin tint, new fin based on: what was left of the original / your Coop black board / the wealth of knowledge on this blog. I’ve completely lost track of the hours into this thing… but that’s just due to my position in the beginners curve. Will send photos once its finished and launched. Best, Greg

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