Tuesday, June 15, 2010

gene cooper ...pig discussions...

gene cooper has this to say about pig boards:
"The plan shape on some of the earliest Velzy pigs from the mid-50's was pretty extreme and I find those the most interesting. 16" nose, 17+" tail, 8" tail block and a beautiful combination of curves. At first glance they look pretty simple but if you take a closer look every contour and design element is very thoughtful and exactly in the right place, never better. I'll just say that the design is "subtly complex" or "complex in it's simplicity" not unlike what was being created by the artists and architects of the mid-century. Velzy's design was groundbreaking, enduring, and those early examples were pure art. I'm glad we live in a time when many surfers embrace surfings roots and designs. Riding a proper pig, nice and dense, sans modern rocker and modern foiling is just pure fun. A clean solid feeing that defies description, I'm hooked….again."
gene and i have collaborated on a surfboard design. the COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD. below are some photos of that board in action.

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