Friday, June 4, 2010

jim driver interview 7

here jim talks about what led him to finally pick up a camera.

below is a summary of Jim Driver's situation:

jim was Mentored by LeRoy Grannis. Jim contracted rheumatic fever. When Jim's mom told him he had rheumatic fever he thought she said "romantic fever" ...he thought she knew something about him that she wasn't supposed to know.

for about a year and a half he didn't go to school. They had tutors come by every other day. This was his junior and half of his senior year. Jim had always wanted to learn how to take pictures. He never had the time prior to being sick. His dad had taken photography in college. He helped Jim a little bit. He had some old trays and assorted photographic equipment. His father gave him the BASIC understanding of photography. Jim read a few books. He snuck out of the house when his dad was at work and made a "not so dark" dark room out of some 2 x 4s that a neighbor had given him. A little aluminum foil and choosing to work from dusk to about 2 or 3 a.m. fixed any light issues that room had. Eventually his dad's buddies gave him an old Checkoslovakian 35 mm enlarger that had a Rotostock lens. he started taking some pictures. they looked like crap. sand, water, wave,water , horizon line, air...there is a lot of grey there. surfing illustrated had just came out. all of a sudden he started seeing pictures that were head and shoulders above every body else's. it was LeRoy Grannis. LeRoy's photos inspired a 15 year old Jim Driver to write a letter "Dear Mr. Grannis..." . Jim forgot to put his return address on the letter. He didn't know it at the time. 3 to 4 weeks later Jim gets a letter from LeRoy. LeRoy told Jim that it had been difficult to track him down. Walt Phillips and LeRoy Grannis found Jim's address in the Surfing Illustrated mailing list. Fortunately Jim was a Surfing Illustrated subscriber. There began an amazing changing relationship for Jim. Jim began weekly phone consultations with LeRoy. Jim's photography had a HUGE impact on his life. It effected his assignments in the armed forces during the Vietnam War.

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