Tuesday, March 22, 2011

marc andreini!!!!

marc sent me this via surfapig@live.com: Here is the 10' pig I keep at my house as a wall hanger!(thanks michael kew for the photo!)
he describe the board below: Here are a few of a pintail spoon!
marc's shapes are so clean! the first pic took me back. I have seen little glimpses of that board he is holding...but that shot...the board pops! then these two of the spoon. SUPER CLEAN!!! that red stripe just seems so right! Marc is super STOKED!!!

Marc mentioned he might have a pig he could shoot some photos of and post up here as a board for sale. It is currently at a shop, I sure would be stoked feature it here also.

sounds like i'll be posting a blue fin Jim Phillips pig up for sale here soon. NICE!

Gene has a 9' red fin FLEX coming up VERY SOON. OH MY!!!

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