Thursday, May 7, 2020

Surf A Pig Official Registry

Chris Faucher sent me pics and info on this rad WARDY he just picked up. 
9' x 21" x 15.5" nose x 14.5" tail. registry # 070.US
Jeremy Colonero sent me these pics of a Dave Sweet he recently resurrected. SO STOKED to see this! registry # 069.US

below is the sticker I send out. these stickers are placed above the fin on the bottom of the board. they are a wink and a nod to the old surf license back in the day. basically a pig surfboard enthusiast sends me information about their pig (some dimensions, who made it, where it is surfed, when they got it...) I write it down in my ledger , then I send off the sticker. STOKED!! email me if you'd like to register your pig!

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