Wednesday, March 13, 2013

John Cherry is a wizard.

JC sent me the following via surfapig@live.comHi Mike, How’s it going?  I wanted to send some photos of the Gordie pig that I am finally getting to work on.  I am just about finished repairing dings, replacing old foam with new and filling other minor snaggles, then sanding for a new, two-tone opaque-resin color coat (stringers and logo taped off of course)  and gloss coat.  This board is super solid and straight except for the old dings.  It has zero delam issues. I was able to get Gordies beautiful black walnut and teak fin off of the board and out of the glass very cleanly and restore it to pretty much new condition.  I will glass it and reinstall it with the original 1” clear bead.  It will be a stunning restoration of a truly classic board of that era. Then………I am getting ready to do a 9-7 reproduction of the board in balsa and redwood.  I have some superb, ultra-light balsa set aside for the project.  I plan on taking then both to this year’s “Boardroom” at Del Mar as a tribute to Gordie, along with a couple other new wood boards. I figured you might be interested in seeing what I have going on. Aloha Bro,JC

he figured right!!! so INSANE!!!

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