Wednesday, March 13, 2013

david imlay is an extraordinary painter.

i shot the picture below of my beloved sliders point, bing feral pig, and my ZAP wetsuit.
david imlay painted it below: hand , eye, paint brush, paint, canvas.
david sent me this via surfapig@live.comHey Mike~I'm friends with Jason Arnold and was wondering if it'd be ok for me to paint a version of this shot(attached)? I'm a working artist up in San Francisco but born and raised in San Juan Capo where I still visit with my wife for work, family and of course surfing. I actually went to the first surf trip with Jason and I think he met with you about Illustrating a children's book? I missed last years trip but my wife and I are going to try and make up for it this year.Anyway, you can check out my stuff at and there's some San O beach related work in the Suburban section- still need to update with a few more new ones.Let me know if you're ok with me painting from this- if not no problemo. Hope all is well. ~Dave

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