Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Surfers Journal 24.3 Shape By Numbers Mike Black

click here to read the article. i've been thinking about this article for years. i guess 5 years ago there was a trend in marketing that lit the fire under me to write this. then my beautiful smart healthy wife gave birth to our beautiful healthy smart amazing daughter. i decided to put this article on hold. life happens, last summer i was at my parents ranch in texas. had a little time on my hands. blasted this article. initially , i had no idea it would end up at the journal. originally, it was slated for something else. in fact the original piece had quotes from many shapers. i asked various shaper from all around the globe a fairly straight forward question: what contribution has math made to surfboard design? the responses were all over the place. i submitted the article to my buddy over at the journal to read over. i knew this writing business was his bag. i am ultra passionate about the content, however, my writing skills aren't similar to my math skills. my buddy reads it and gives me positive feedback. in fact he says he'd like to run it. i then explain to him that it was intended to be published elsewhere. i explain that i interviewed people telling them i was writing the article for some other publication. he says, not to stress. maybe i could delete all the interviews and come up with something they could use. i give that a go, then it seemed like the article was doomed... but alas!!! it weren't!! and here it is. glory be the day. once this article has ran it's corse on the shelves and through the information super highway, i'll publish the original 3,000 word piece. it definitely has a sharper edge to it. i'm so honored to have this material published with the journal. i've felt passionately about the content for years. now to have had an opportunity to share it... feels great.
the obligatory sliders photo.

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