Monday, July 13, 2015

mid july update.

snuck up north this morning for a little leftovers from the weekend. caught a few. such a different wave than sliders. such an easy wave to shred.

john smith sent me via the images and words below:

Hi Mike,

Finished my pig finally.   Super stoked!  Got it done just in time for my week long surf trip on the Oregon Coast.   Board was everything I had hoped.  

Just to put the cherry on top,  got to ride a Marc Andreni pig my last night.   Met a guy from Portland who said it was the original one you had commissioned Mark to make,  and he had picked it up in San Diego??  Regardless if it was the original,  I was stoked beyond belief to see a pig in Oregon,  and we switched off for a good 2 hours and got to try out the different shapes in some incredible warm water(58!) and beach break  waves consistently peeling 100+ yards... Which is great for Oregon.  
Thanks for taking the time to send me info and pics as I went on the journey back in time.   Got some absolutely screaming lefts in the pocket and just flew across the wave on my board.   A little embarrassing taking a pic with mine next to a true master shaper,  but a great memory nonetheless!

so rad!!!! i think that board beside his is my original cooperfish blackboard prototype.

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