Sunday, July 19, 2015

trapezoidal Phin.

so, i've been playing with the fibonacci sequence designing all kinds of fins that master fin-smith david town has been building. we've built the Phi-n, the Flothru*, the leaningphin, and now we are developing this trapezoidalphin. if any of you read my surfers journal article regarding math and surfboard design, perhaps you find my dabbles here contradictory.  i get it... people love to use math as a marketing tool. so... why not play with it too! while i'm playing around with maths, i want anyone interested to know flat out, I AM NOT ASSOCIATING CAUSALITY. in other words, if one of these fins that has been designed using the fibonacci sequence feels good under your feet, then well...hey! thats great. i am of the belief that in surfboard design, a man made curve is just as valid as one generated by a formula... do we think dolphins and pelicans used math to figure out what shape they ought to be?

anyway... the more i looked at this new fin, the more i remembered my early days of model rocketry.
below are a few shots of this fin coming together:  the angle measurements aren't true, I had a very rough protractor, it was late and dark, plus there had been a few adult beverages consumed.

(* no fibonacci influence)

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