Sunday, June 28, 2015

sliding the leaning phin at sliders point

love days like this. ye old surflie called it 2-3 poor to fair.

that yellow sign was poached from the train tracks when they were rebuilt back in 2011. says : danger no trespassing.
loving this leaningphin. it's been a long time since i have rode anything that in anyway resembles anything remotely similar to this fin. moreover, back then, i was on a parallel railed dumbo eared sidewalk, with a scooped concave. not only was that fin somewhat different than this fin, the board it was attached to was vastly different. in my eye, this leaningphin looks crazy. however, i love trying to put aesthetic blindfolds on. not obsessing over aesthetics and just listening to the feeling. regarding the feeling of this fin under foot. crazy shit. wild. i've been experiencing locations and lines, and transfers of energy that i wouldn't even think about. so rad. this fin box in my feral pig has been exploding my mind. that and david town's genius. so stoked!!!!

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