Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i didn't have work today. SICK! so i walk down to the point to see what the happenings are. there were some little snappers.
it was nice to see the sun. we've been having the june gloom ...but only its may.
southern california trail mid may.
i like the composition.
the below photo was shot with a "my touch" android phone. i didn't control anything fancy like an f-stop , nor did I use any thing fancy like a light meter. i just walked by some plants and snapped a photo. its blurry. it gives it that "artistic" texture.
a little a frame snapper.
i can get lost geeking out on the sand.
how is this for light?
this rock was screaming at me.
i thought the white marks on this rock were interesting. primarily due to how they line up with the neighboring rock below it.
i am distraught right now. sunday, i found this INSANE rock. i took a photo of it. i got home, edited the photo, and then..i thought i uploaded it. the other day i was checking sunday's post... only to see ...i never uploaded it. PERFECT. I always delete my shit. so today after my session, I search and i search and i search and i search and i search for the fucking rock. no luck. it had the most amazing reds and blues and greys in it. and although the rock itself was of standard cobble shape and size...these colors streaked through it in perpendicular lines. oh's just a rock.
this snail shell has some nice grey in it.
check the video below. it was fun out there today. there were only 3 people out. NICE!!! cut backs, curl shoots, and nose rides. ...i'll take it....
check out this INSANE Andreini Pig over at mollusk Venice.


  1. Nice shots and post. Is this in Santa Barbara County?

  2. Kid,

    Thanks for the support!

    this is not Santa Barbara county. Santa Barbara county has some NICE waves though.