Friday, May 14, 2010

fish n log / roger hall / surfline NZ and SLIDE magazine

when we were filming INVASION! from planet C our host "lungy!" took us by the surfline NZ shop. it was great to see how things are done over there. david potter was telling matt and i to get in our costumes and go in the shop. these guys didn't know us from anyone. we were in our "actor" mode and just put on costumes and walked into a surfboard factory. WTF?! i can't imagine what Roger and crew think of me. I was checking his blog fishnlog and i came across this.
FUCKING SICK! notice the first story mentioned.
this project was heavy. I can't wait to get my copy!

i got this report from ben out of Aotearoa NZ concerning the article via
"El Black Attack, Just a quick email to say that yes, the latest SLIDE magazine has hit shelves here in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your article!!!! Well written, and the photos that go with it are pretty special. From one log enthusiast to another, Thank you J Nga Mihi, Ben"


  1. Roger is a great shaper and craftsman of all sorts of boards foam , timber and any combination. A true unsung hero of the shaping world.A very creative and passionate guy. Kiwi to boot. From the land of the long black raincoat

  2. yep.

    our minds were into our film project at the time.

    to think ...from the mind set i am in now... at what it must have been like on his end to see us waltz into the factory.


  3. hi mike, mike c aka micro from fishnlog here, love your blog mate, i was really gutted i missed you guys when you came to surfline that day, the boys often talk about the crazy invasion from planet c guys, i was chuffed to see the pic of roger on your blog and the link to fishnlog, ta much, the article on the pigs is awesome, i ride a fish, several logs, one or two come close to the pig type, a mat from paul gross and a handplane, the true pig may have to be my next craft, i can scan or take pics of the article in the slide mag and send it to you if that helps, cheers mike

  4. micro,


    I have the article on a pdf file. I am going to post it up here once the mag hits the news stands in the states for a bit. i appreciate the offer. I AM SO PUMPED to se it in print.

    I am really anxious to see how that article is received. I put a fuck ton of work into it. its a touchy thing. people are passionate about taking credit for things. i tried to honor the board's design.

    it feels good to have had the opportunity to write it. and to feels great to have accomplished it.

    thanks for the support micro!

  5. no worries mr b, i have just finished two articles for the pacific longboard magazine, due out very soon, a bit nervous but i hope they are liked, one on the fish fry in AU that roger and i went over to and one on the hyundai longboard series held in NZ, i fully enjoyed the article, you have done a great job, well done my good man, if you have the time on a rainy day check out my personal surf blog which has my flickr gallery attached to it, and if you are ever in NZ again i would like to shoot you, on film that is, cheers mike c

  6. micro,
    I check slop grovler. i didn't know that was yours. the title always caught me. i grew up grovlin in the slop of Texas!

    "i would like to shoot you, on film that is" ...Ha! that shit made me laugh...I wasn't even reading it any other way. context is everything huh?!

  7. the joy of playing with words, mike c