Thursday, June 25, 2015

the leaning phin.

david town is a fin specialist. not only is he a mean shredder, and a board fabricator... he builds fins better than we do. bless jah he listens to me. so we have the flothru, and the phin. this leaningphin was just a mathematical jest of sorts. however ugly the aesthetic of it is... the feeling speaks for its-self. regarding feelings... on a different level...i was feeling like some kind of pioneer. or didi i feel like a straight guy going into a gay bar...i don't know... walking down to the beach with it felt weird. moreover... i didn't trust it at first when i went to the bottom. i got to say though... i took er there. i went to the bottom. i kept her int the bottom. i felt like i was a bottom man. heck... i almost started googling images of bottoms. almost. then , i threw her on her side. my feral pig. she took it like never before. too easy. "damn!" i thought. this shit is too easy.

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