Thursday, May 9, 2013

red fang, crunchy nut bar and patches.

me patches are just about in me hands. quite pumped. soon i'll post up some garments with these patches sewed on. me plan is to have these patches for sale @ 6 or 7 bucks a pop. that price includes shipping. anywhere. corse i'm down to trade. i'll sew some of these on to various garments and post said garment up. we'll see how that goes. more details soon.
this fella is having a bad day. the way i see it have gone down is: just humped the shit out of a less than willing female squirrel recently. was famished. been eyeing this feeder and pillaging from this feeder for seasons. when he hasn't been humping for hours recently before pillaging feeder his balls are less swollen. so, this being his first full throttle hump session, he is eager to eat (albeit with unusually swollen testes). gets his regular posture, maybe or maybe not feels his balls are on the other side of the metal bar than they usually are when he hasn't had said hump session. either way, eyes feeder, sets posture, preps jump and springs. only to have his nuts on the wrong side of the metal bar. they are caught, he stops mid air, falls to his death. that will teach his stupid ass to leave the BIRD feeder alone.

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