Tuesday, February 21, 2012

oh my!!!

behold! the 3'9" piglet!!!!!!!!!!! thank you matt and the BING crew!!!
bit of an S deck on it. to say I am ULTRA STOKED to get this thing out in some body wompers in an UNDERSTATEMENT!!
well, then there is this. Jim the Genius made this for me. I didn't order it, my wife did...with out telling me. god i love that woman! the one board i would never order but would always want.
scored a few clean ones this a.m. at sliders on it. earned the name "pelican's magic carpet".

we drew a ship on the chalk board in the garage.
oso is oh so awesome!!
saw this when we were buying produce at whole foods. have to love fractals in nature!
pure slide of stoke picking up my piglet today. margaret snapped this of me. i found it on the bing face book page.


  1. Very cool!!! Amazing to get that support from your wifey!

  2. How did the piglet ride? That board looks sooo much fun! Love that glass on fin!!

  3. the piglet is a cave dweller!!! that board shreds!!! it loves the tube!!