Monday, August 29, 2011

a mollusk , some pigs, a little beef, and a hop

mollusk surf shop venice. call them and buy one of these boards. 310.396.1969.
oh... how i love this shop.
hilbers is knocking it out of the park here. $900!!

brian hand crafted the fin.
this one here fucked me up. johnny brought it down, and my head spun. jim phillips made this sucker. if i had the $$$ in my pocket, this chambered, master crafted piece would have been mine!

father's office. burger and a Pliny. done.


  1. That's just great dude, thanks. I'm ordering my second board from Brian this winter and after being completely torn as to whether or not to get one of his hulls or to pull the trigger on a pig I had all but decided on the hull and then I see that slab of awesomeness. Sigh.

  2. that board was CLEAN...the CLEAN SHIT.