Thursday, June 16, 2011

9'10" of swine perfection FOR SALE!!!!!!!! $800

I have ridden this board. my buddy let me borrow it, i went out and bought one, just like that. i let my buddy borrow mine, he went out and bought one just like that. this board and the two other owl's i mentioned will be at the pig roast saturday! (speaking of owl, there is an amazing write up that michael kew authored in the upcoming slide #19 due to hit the stands later this month.) back to the matter at hand... this board is crazy. its the type of board that....if you were to be blindfolded stroking rails, you'd stop once you stroked this board, and buy it. the board paddles super fast, trims amazing , you can direct this board from up on the nose. check out what the shaper, marc andreini has to say about pigs . to purchase this board, email Mr. E at

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