Sunday, April 7, 2019

Surf a Pig Australia exist, and it is BEAUTIFUL

Pieter and Kim's house. Lovely people in a fantastic community.
The biltong shop. They have the goods here.
Mark showing me Dale's bum.
Dale showing off his stuffed tiger.
Cosmo prepping for my tattoo.
Got my ink in Newcastle from Tribal Urge.
Bart, Surf a Pig Australia. A great human, a fantastic surfer, and a true enthusiasts!
Smithy's, where we grabbed some fish and chips!
This was a great spot to enjoy our food. A gorgeous little beach. 
The pictures below are from Pieter's house he grew up in with his parents. It is the first location he shaped in. It was AMAZING to tour through the place. The gentleman that loved there allowed us to walk through his house and take some photos.
Pieter's first "shop". He shaped and glassed in this little room. So RAD!
Pieter's current shop[.
Hi Kim! Kim lighting a mozzie coil.
Hi Pieter!
Morning of the Surf a Pig BBQ Down Under.

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