Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Surf a Pig Australia BBQ Down Under

All the photos on this blog post are shot by Paul Fuller. If you see one of you and you'd like to get a high res digital copy. EMAIL: paul4fuller@hotmail.com

I am beside myself with what Surf A Pig has become. This Pig enthusiasts get together down in Australia was amazing. I was so happy to spend the time getting to know Pieter, Kim and their crew of great people. I'm going to try to write a bit about the trip. If anyone reads this and can help with names, I'd appreciate it!!! Please email me any names or corrections ( surfapig@gmail.com) Below is David Chaney. He is a great surfer that puts on a V-bottom inspired event once a year. He obviously understands the D-fin also!!

These guys were great. Dale Palm painted some rocks, we hid them. If the rocks were found you won a DVD. These two mates won them. (names please!)
I'm so grateful Paul captured this photo. Pieter and Kim are great humans.
NICE!! (name please )
Dave Chaney

Love this shot of our set up. South Catho beach was a perfect venue.
I enjoyed meeting Greame and his son Ben. It is a great opportunity to meet people.
Pieter's board that was supposed to be Rod's. I'm guessing they'll get things worked out. I was super stoked to get a chance to spend some time on this one.
This one was clean as!!
here are a few of yours truly.

below is Dave and his girlfriend.
someone please tell me this fellas name. I enjoyed being in the water with him. here I believe he is pictured with a "pigly wiggly". Kim and Pieter were making these. triple decker. Egg, Sausage, and bacon. GLORIOUS!!!
love this shirt. these 60's pigs are amazing.
Kim and Pieter made some amazing food.
Kazz made all the cupcakes, and sweets. This cake was awesome! Kazz also cuts Pieter's hair.
This was just before I paddled out for my first session. The waves were great. I wasn't very used to them. They were steep little beach break waves. I was stoked to see everyone surfing so well on them. after spending some time in the rip , and getting flogged on the inside, I began to view my little wave back home differently.
our set up. a million dollar view!

Jack Norton perched!!

Yeah Matty! I was beyond stoked to catch up with Tiki BOB while I was in Australia.

Andy Mac is another mean shredder. Here is is setting up to bash the lip.
Jack perched, again. Super casual.
hopefully someone will tell me this fellas name. I was stoked to be out there with him, we chatted briefly.

Tiki Bob checking what's what. That Paulownia wood board behind Matty with the rising sun D fin (that Matty made) was amazing. 3 giant pieces of wood, with 2 stringers. It is just oiled, no glass. Heavy as, yet I bet it trims luxuriously.

The gentleman that pointed out my flogging I had been receiving on the inside,

This get together is an amazing testament of social media. It felt similar to our first Surf a Pig Luau. This year we had this Luau type thing in Australia, there has been a Luau in Japan, and there will be one in California in July. Surf A PIG. D fin for Life! Cold tins, D fins!! check the quick video below!!

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  1. What a great day that must have been. A little Q and surfing, close to heaven in my opinion.