Wednesday, June 15, 2016

miscreants making miscreant shirts in a lab.

so.... my buddy that has shown me so much love over the past decade gives me an opportunity to scoop up some left over blanks and allows me access to his (and craig stecyk's) print lab the other day. i use the art that wizard miles thompson drew and the old screen that my boy Sean (forward screen printing) made and used last year.  any way, we grab some suds , throw some ink and pull some squeegees. i end up with near 20 shirts. some of which shouldn't be sold. i'm tempted to dye these white ones on account i can not wear white, as i am such a dirty fvcker. anyway as the current inventory is:

4 black XL (3 good, 1 questionable)

2 black L (all good enough)

8 white XL (all good)

if you want one of these shirts, ask me to hold it for you and i will. then you can pick it up at the luau for $15. if you can't make it to the luau, email me: and i'll give you an address to send $20 to. upon receiving your coin, i'll buy and envelope and stuff the shirt of your choice in it. unless you want one of the shit ones. then just send me $5. that way i can buy an envelope and ship it to you. simple right? when you email me, include color and size ( and if you want a shit one).

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