Tuesday, February 16, 2016

chazerdous and the way of the butterknife

i sold ye ole butter knife today. she was the one that taught me the way of the trim. my buddy colin from matagorda wanted to take a picture of me one day after i scored some clean off shores with this board 23 years ago. now chaz gets the lineage. oh damn!!! did chaz do it proper. so hyped. i initially grabbed the board from malibu back in the late 80's. it was my only log for decades. i spray painted all kinds of ridiculous shite on it and proceeded to get maximum trim from every nw wind day the upper texas gulf coast offered. then in 1993 i moved to corpus. i commissioned my boy jupiter's dad to scrub the paint off , fix all the dings, then resin panel two light blue stripes down the space of the triple stringer board this beauty is. then in January of 1996 i moved to santa barbara with this board. i met a fella that knew tyler hatzikien. around 1997 tyler sprinkled magic dust on this board and even threw a few of his logos on the deck near the tail. i shelved it after that. after all, it had treated me right, and by this time i had a few of tyler's. enter feburary 2016. hadn't rode the board in nearly 20 years... could use a bit of folding coin... chaz decide's to pull the trigger.... BAM!! this happens.

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