Friday, January 9, 2015

hello 2015

good morning 2015.
i was a bird, and got a worm.
below is a beverage pitcher Rabbit and I shared after a super fun morning. Junko drinks coke.
below is a remake of bing 2680. i gave that board to the wizard artist jason arnold years ago.he had his people ( juice box surfboards) build a new on. S I C K !!!
below I am speaking to Junko about my #bluepanel. Junko and Rabbit are just simply cool people. I really enjoyed our visit. this website has given me an opportunity to meet and enjoy so many people from all around the world.
i should know better.

fun little ones. some lazy turns and a few locked in trims.
super clean.

Rabbit's b-day cake.
at premier for Tatsuo Takei and Tyler Warren's film "wet dream".
feral pig and blue panel
clean little ones

stoked rabbit
long walk.

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