Friday, September 20, 2013

people getin pigs

byron texted me this beauty below dave town made the fin, mino made the board:
jeff sent me the pig below via surfapig@live.comHi Mike,Only ridden her once so far but, I can tell this thing is going to be real FUN !Finally finished the pig I've been working on and thought I'd send ya some photos.Thanks for the inspiration. I don't think I would have made this if it wasn't for all the great info on your site.Cheers and keep mining the stoke my friend, Here's some stats: 9'6", HWS construction, recycled old growth redwood and balsa, double 6oz top - 6oz bottom, RR epoxy, The fin was custom made for this board by Dave @ Warrior Fins ( I added the skull and crossed guitars when I glassed it to the board) , There is also a guitar pic signed by Dick Dale inlayed on the bottom. The asymmetrical deck and bottom  design was something I saw in a Dick Dale PR photo that was dated 1963
Jeff Akers- sonOsea 

the one below is from eden. he sent me the following via surfapig@live.comJust bumped this one out the other week, thought you may enjoy. Eden Saul Dead Kooks Surfboards.

the one below is from scotty. he sent me this via My names Scott and I build boards on the sunshine coast. SLS SURFBOARDS. Your page has a some good inspiration , here's a 9'2 pig a did up for myself. Great pigment with a gel coast red ban. Classic D fin stuck right on the tail. Just thought I'd send u a pic Scotty

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