Friday, August 14, 2009

Velzy! pop-out?

My good buddy "Phil of slider's" sent this to me: He knows my problem with all boards swine. Several things about this add on craigslist have me weary. Notice the photo-shoped photos. With a blue frame? Why not turquoise? A simple color sample would have done the trick. The lack of price also throws me off.  A couple things going for any potential buyers. 1) it reads like it has sat for a while. 2) the thing has been rode like a tijuana hooker 3) the boys on are calling the thing a pop-out. whatever that means. I guess if I were a surfboard and some called me a pop-out, i'd probably want to drive a jacked up pick up or hummer. Obviously the word "pop-out" has something to do with quality control. The stringer does not serve as an axis of symmetry for that logo. NICE!!! The shape looks interesting though. This is the type of board that I would consider buying regardless of what kind it was. I would give the people $100 - 150 for it and then ride the fvcking piss out of it. anyway, here is what the add read:

Vintage Dale Velzy Long Board from the Early 60's.9 foot 4 inches in length, and is 21-1/2 inches wide.Fiberglass Body, Multi-Layered Wood Fin.Original "Velzy - Surfboard of Champions" logo.Great Shape...needs a New Home....Still has a lot of Waves Left in it.I have the Sufboard on display at a friend's Surf Shop,Pacific Beach Surf Shop
4150 Mission Blvd.
Suite #161
San Diego, CA 92109• Tel 858-373-1138 ask for RandyThey are authorized to negotiate on my behalf....Please, serious offers only...low-ball offers will be ignored.Just let me know if any questions.Thanks



  1. great place for a shredhog...hanging on a wall. What is wrong with people?

  2. "'re all a bunch of kooks! ...except you admiral tang."

    captain blackstoke to basketball and crew.

  3. with all respect, there are Velzys and then there are these "get-the-IRS-off-my-back" models.

    Not worth the powder to send it on its way, captain.

  4. Saw the board and I have a similar one that I learned to surf on. Yes, it's DEFINITELY a pop-out. The stringer is a redwood inset that doesn't go all the way through the foam. It's in good condition, but not hand shaped. Nice fin (mine is balsa and redwood touch for a pop out). Boxy rails. Not $900 worth, but maybe $400.