Saturday, September 5, 2009

Capitola Dewey Weber pig!!

Patrick Cady is stoked!! he sent me this via
"Mike, Enclosed are some photos of my Dewey Weber pig. I have followed your blog for a while but have only recently found time to take the wax off my board and take pictures of it. Also, I just received photos my dad took of me riding the board at the Capitola Jetty last weekend. My mom and I found this board at a garage sale by our house in the summer of 2008. I had just started surfing seriously and had been borrowing one of her boards for the whole summer. When I saw the board, I did not think very much of it because I had never seen a longboard with such a narrow nose, and it seemed like it would be lousy for noseriding. My mom ended up buying it from the guy for 100 dollars, probably with the idea that I would ride it instead of using her boards. That fall I took a break from surfing to focus on my junior year at high school, and left the board up in the rafters of our garage. I was browsing the internet one day when I saw footage of Alex Knost surfing a board that looked similar to the one my mom bought. He rode the board amazingly well, so I decided to patch up the dings the previous owner had inflicted on the garage sale board and try surfing on it. From the first wave I rode on the board at Capitola (Santa Cruz) it has been my favorite. I like the way the heavy foam and low rocker glide across the wave, and I especially enjoy the way the narrow nose and big D-fin allows me to turn on the wave. It has taken me a long time to progress on the board, and I still often sink the nose on steep take-offs or when trying cheater fives. However, I have never ridden a board that feels like my pig and do not intend to stop surfing it any time soon. The guy that sold it to my mom did not remember much about the board, but the local surf veterans at Capitola have estimated that the board was built in the early 1960's. Ralph Headrick, a local ding repair guy who did an amazing job properly restoring it after my improvised patches started leaking water, said that it was probably built between 1963 and 1965. Regardless of its age, the board is amazing to ride.
Thanks,Patrick Cady9/4/09,
P.S. I really enjoy reading your blog. I am usually the only person in the lineup surfing a pig, and its really cool to see that other people ride them also."

This represents what this blog is all about. I get so ULTRA PUMPED on people sharing their stories and pictures. THANK YOU!!

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